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The Best Air Ambulance Service

An air ambulance is a specially equipped aircraft that delivers injured or sick persons in medical emergencies or over distances or terrain where a standard ground ambulance would be difficult and would in most times lead to loss of life of the critically injured. But Air ambulance assertions are denied most of the time by insurance carriers and thus on maximum occasions people lose a lot of money if they don't have a crew that knows how to use the claims system correctly.

Air Billing Consultancy(ABC) comes into play here and helps people claim what they owe rightfully from the insurance companies, its main focus being obtaining payment for the fixed-wing air ambulance out of network transport claims. Whether Air Billing Consultancy's customers had trouble having claims reimbursed, or don't have the time or staff to track claims, are dissatisfied with the outcomes of their existing billing business, or simply don't want to deal with insurance carriers, Air Billing Consultancy will assist their customers and clients.

Headed by Tracy Steiner, MHSA, the president for Air Billing Consultancy has built a commendable reputation for the company in the Air ambulance claims industry for providing excellent service, efficiency, and professionalism. Mr. Tracy with the experience as a former firefighter/paramedic and 7 years of fixed-wing air ambulance experience, including time as the Claims Manager for the leading air ambulance company does make one's experience at Air Billing Consultancy hassle-free and easy, while effectively directing the company in the direction to get paid as early as possible.

Apart from an easy and hassle-free insurance claim process, what sets Air Billing Consultancy apart is its integrity for providing the best customer service 24/7 and also charging a fair fee which is much less when compared to other services in the same industry.

Air Billing Consultancy has also a pre-flight assessment as pre-flight negotiations are critical to the flight's success and potential monetary recovery. As the leading in the industry, they also undertake a detailed and accurate benefits check as sticking strictly to professionalism and adapt the process in response to developments in the industry and freely recommend how to proceed with the flight based on the information revealed in the patient's plan. They also file the claim as soon as they receive all necessary information and keep customers informed throughout the process. The company's Claims Specialists keep track of the customer's claim and keep it at the forefront of the insurance company until a satisfactory outcome is obtained.

The insurance company may still deny the claim, no matter how clean the claim is or how medically vital the transportation is. They expect their customers to accept the refusal without protest because appeals can take months and cost customers a lot of money and time. Air Billing Consultancy understands these and works diligently to obtain the claim money, overturn unwarranted denials, relieving customers of their burden of appeals at no expense to them upfront.

Even when the claim has been authorized for payment, the insurance company frequently sends it to a third party in an attempt to decrease the amount of your ultimate payment. Air Billing Consultancy is experienced in third-party negotiations and will go to fight for their customers to guarantee they get the most money for their claims and thus provides an extensive follow-up, making sure the insurance money is received in full payment by the customer.

Even when charging customers for the fee, Air Billing Consultancy provides the best price for their services in the industry which is a whopping 15-30% less than their peers thus saving their customers even more money.

Air Billing Consultancy also offers invoicing assistance for fixed-wing air ambulances. Customers can easily contact ABC to discuss short or long-term consulting arrangements if they want to remain or start billing in-house, or if they want to analyze or improve your existing in-house billing making the company the number one go-to for most people.

With a top of line professionals managing all the aspects of the claims process, Air Billing Consultancy stands out as a leading body among its peers and assures its customers of the highest quality services and fastest insurance claims making them choose the services of ABC over and over.

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