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Tracy Steiner, MHSA, President of Air Billing Consultants (ABC), has been known for quality services, exceptional efficiency and the highest level of professionalism during his successful 30-year healthcare career. As a former fire/paramedic, Tracy can add value to your engagement with ABC. 

Our service will exceed your expectations for fixed wing air ambulance billing and we will do it at a rate that puts more money in your pocket. Why give up 20-30% or more for a billing service that disappoints? We will provide a higher level of service for a lower rate. 

Our experience with air billing started in 2016, including time as Claims Manager for the largest Air Ambulance provider in the country. ABC knows what it takes to get paid and has contacts with major plans to keep claims moving and resolve problems. Our pre-flight assessment (we are available to our clients almost 24/7), billing and intensive follow-up sets us apart from the crowd. ABC also charges a fair fee- unlike competitors. We have managed over $150,000,000 in claims and set revenue records, cultivated insurance contacts, and would like the opportunity to take care of your claims too. 

ABC can also provide fixed-wing air ambulance billing consulting. If you want to keep or start your billing in-house, or want to evaluate or improve your existing in-house billing, then call us to talk about short or long-term consulting arrangements. 

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