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T. Scott Associates LLC

Your success is our business.

T. Scott Associates, LLC will be personally invested in seeing your professional practice reach its potential.  If you are struggling with practice management issues, are ready to go out on your own, or you simply need an outside evaluation, call us for a free consultation. 

We know owning and managing a practice is more than business; it's personal.

Make a resolution for 2020 to be more profitable. One phone call can get you on your way.

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A consultant since 1995, Tracy Steiner has been assisting medical professionals and lawyers with their various practice management issues, including policies and procedures, revenue cycle management, start-ups and general operations. I have conflicted intrastate loyalty: Bachelor's from the University of Arizona and a Master's from Arizona State University.

I am assisted by two other people:

Robert Frediani, MBA, former President of the California Medical Group Management Association, has 20+ years of group practice experience.

Brad Higgins, MHSA, has worked with hospitals throughout the country at VP and CEO levels. 

My consulting work has focused on solo and small practices in all primary care areas and most specialties. I have also worked with hospitals and managed care organizations to bridge the gap between their processes and the for-profit world. 

Since I was a child, my passion has been helping others. This desire to help has been a constant theme for me throughout my life. After years as a fire/paramedic and police officer, my wife started a law practice in 2006, seeking my management assistance in order to grow the practice. The firm size increased to 4 lawyers plus numerous staff before it was sold in 2015. At that time, I expanded my consulting, with an additional emphasis in legal practice consulting.  The information I learned in health care management was directly applicable to legal practices; accounts receivable management, controlling expenses and managing people.

Running a law firm is difficult, especially when factoring in compliance and regulatory issues associated with the licensing agencies like the State Bar. I know from experience and I was successfully able to assist with the issues of a growing practice. In 2006, I launched my process service and court filing service, which is now the #1 and highest rated process service company on Thumbtack.  

Are you breaking away from an existing group? Let us discreetly take on your start-up and you will walk in to a fully functional office with clients on the first day. Ask about our flat-fee services for starting a practice. 

Let us help you tackle the problems of owning and managing a business so you can focus on your professional practice.

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Business Meeting
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Random Anti-Fraud Financial Audits

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Do you have accounts receivable or client billing issues?

If you do, you are not alone.  The ABA reports that nearly 60% of small and solo firms have significant accounts receivable issues that impact their bottom line. We provide real solutions to your individual issues; there is no cookie-cutter template.

Our business is making sure your business is what you want it to be. The demands of managing a solo or small practice can be overwhelming.  We have been there, so we understand the issues.

Do You Perform Random Audits?

The Association for Certified Fraud Examiners indicates 39% of reported instances of fraud occur in companies with 99 or fewer employees (Bank Technology News).  The U.S. Small Business Administration reports 23% of small businesses become crime victims, yet less than half (48%) instituted any preventive measures (Small Business Research Summary).  This could be a major reason why embezzlement is a major factor in up to 30% of small business failures (U.S. Chamber of Commerce).  In addition, small business ventures with less than $5 million in annual revenues may be up to thirty-five times more likely to become a crime victim than their larger counterparts (U.S. Chamber of Commerce).

Call or email for a free consultation today about our audit services.  

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Why Do Clients Complain?

What are some of the reasons clients post negative reviews on line or file bar complaints? Considering such complaints can stall your growth, ruin your reputation and affect your bottom line, it is imperative to address those issues. Here are the most cited reasons clients complained in 2017:

Billing Issues

Perceived or actual overbilling/Errors in Bills/Statements not sent timely and/or incorrect statements

green papers
Analysing Data

Trust Account Mismanagement

No 3-way reconciliation/Failure to follow trust account rules/Usually followed by State Bar intervention

Failure to Communicate

Lawyer- Does not timely return calls or emails/Does not provide timely case updates/Does not provide case paperwork/Repeatedly brushes off client

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Rude Behavior

Staff- rude to client/ Dismissive with questions about their case

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Our Testimonials Do the Talking

We Believe in Showing, Not Telling

I am fortunate to have found Tracy, who has been critical to the success of our legal practice.  It is challenging to balance both legal practice (the time and commitment to clients) with the perils of managing a business.  I was finding that the business part was not allowing me to do what I enjoy most, which is practicing law.  I have found a great resource in someone who fully understands the business mechanisms of practice and who has been willing to share his insight.  Tracy’s approach is pragmatic and he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the conversation.  From broad staffing and personnel matters down to the minutiae of software choices for practice management, Tracy has many useful ideas.    Whenever a colleague considers a practice change (e.g. leaving larger firms or even winding down their practice), I quickly mention that having a resource like Tracy to help navigate is vital.   It is easy to endorse Tracy’s affordable and effective consulting practice.

Gregg Woodnick, Managing Partner, Woodnick Law PLLC

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Tracy 602-999-0380

Mailing: 18801 N. Thompson Peak Pkwy #325, Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Process service and deliveries - Gary @ 480-227-7297

Tracy - 602-999-0380

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